Decker Dwellings Affordable Housing Coming to Duluth Next Year

It's called Decker Dwellings and it's located in the Miller Hill Mall area near the Schneiderman's Building.

DULUTH, Minn. – Ground was broken on a new One Roof Community Housing project that will bring 42 affordable units to Duluth.

It’s called Decker Dwellings and it has been in the works for several years now.

It’s located in the Miller Hill Mall area near the Schneiderman’s Building.

Digging on the project has begun with the hope of having tenants inside in under a year.

The units will be one, two, and three-bedroom apartments.

Four separate units will be specifically for high priority homeless and 5 other units for people with disabilities.

The three-story building will have laundry facilities, a common room, and a play area for kids.

The project is coming out of years of work to try to help the strong need for affordable housing for families and working professionals in the area.

“They are lower-income families but they are part of the local community in lots and lots of ways they staff the stores we shop in they provide essential services that we have in the community and it’s going to be great to offer them a good place to live at a price they can afford,” says Jeff Corey, the executive director at One Roof Community Housing.

The project came in at around $12 million and was made possible by One Roof Community Housing, Minnesota Housing, the city of Duluth and several other partners.

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson says even though this year has been difficult, the city is still working to bring affordable solutions for citizens.

“Home isn’t just where you sleep it isn’t just a place to come home to after a long day it’s a sense of belonging it is feeling like you matter it is knowing and understanding that you are apart of this community,” says Mayor Larson.

If anyone is wondering if they will qualify for the housing development they can contact One Roof here.


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