Hayward Businesses Rebuild and Donate Car to Local Family

HAYWARD, Wis.– Local businesses in Hayward all pitched in to fix up and donate a car to someone who needs it. All that hard worked payed off when they rolled it out for the first time Thursday.

Recycled Rides is a program that allows local businesses a chance to rebuild an unwanted car after an insurance claim.

The effort was led by Ernie’s Auto Body in Hayward back in February. Employees from the office to shop gave their time and labor to fix up a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

“It’s a pretty heartwarming, very very humbling thing to do,” said Ernie’s Auto Body Owner John Magowan.

Other businesses all over town got together to pitch in. Shops around town donated tires, parts, paint, other maintenance work, and even towing the car to the shop.

Magowan says they wanted to find ways to help those without a reliable vehicle.

“Well you know with the times that we have going on today, we felt that it was important for us to be able to give back and this our way of doing that,” said Magowan.

Jamie Denn of Grantsburg, Wisconsin, a Navy Reserve veteran and single mom of two, was picked to get the car.

This was the first time Denn got to see her newly fixed Jeep. After one look, she says it’s already an upgrade from her current vehicle.

“The rotors, wheel bearings, I mean anything that could go wrong is going wrong,” said Denn.

Magowan hopes his shop can do this again down the road. As for Denn, she couldn’t be more grateful for all the people who came together to give her and her family a new vehicle.

“It’s overwhelming but it feels good,” said Denn.

“She likes it,” said Jamie’s daughter Kalli.

“When everything turns bad something good comes about,” said Jamie Denn.

In addition to the new set of wheels, Denn and her family also received a free trip to the mall of America. That includes free mini-golf passes and a one night stay in the area.


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