COVID and the Weather Spur on Winter Activities

With fresh snow on the ground, some people are already preparing for the winter by buying gear to enjoy the outdoors. The combination of both snow and COVID is creating more demand for skis, snowshoes and more as we approach the winter season.

DULUTH, Minn. – COVID has people out and about, getting them to do more outdoor activities when compared to years past. As we approach winter, some are excited to see snow on the ground.

With the recent first snow dusting the ground, and winter being just around the corner, Duluthians have cold weather activities on their minds to avoid cabin fever.

Management at Continental Ski and Bike say as temperatures drop, more people are coming into the store to pick up winter gear.

“We saw it happen with bikes,” said Josh Kowaleski, the assistant manager at the store. “People were buying bikes like crazy this summer and that same kind of mindset has transitioned to skis and snow sports as well.”

Fat bikes, cross country skis, and snowshoes are selling fast.

And when it comes to skiing, management says they anticipate seeing more skiers on the trails and on the hills when compared to years past.

“The user base has gone up a lot,” said Kowaleski. “We’re just seeing that continuing into skis with demand as far as that goes.”

And as we know well now, space from others is key during this pandemic, and getting outside is one of the best ways to keep the distance.

“I just feel more comfortable visiting with friends outside,” said Stacia Grayson, a Duluth resident. “They distance a little better and you can get together with a few more people I feel like than in the confines of a home.”

With the higher demand for outdoor gear, Duluthians are enjoying the outdoors, safe and socially distanced.

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