New City of Duluth Social Media Campaign Highlights ‘Locally Rooted’ Businesses

The city hopes to shed light on businesses the public may have not known existed. 

DULUTH, Minn.- The City of Duluth launched a new social media campaign encouraging more people to shop local.

The “Locally Rooted” campaign highlights local restaurants, retail and hospitality establishments by featuring a photo of the business owner, a quote, and a link to the business’ social media pages.

The City hopes to shed light on businesses the public may have not known existed, or a neighborhood they may not be used to visiting.

So city leaders said Spirit Valley’s Bailey Builds was a great place to start.

“We are proud to launch Locally Rooted at Bailey Builds because they have chosen to plant their business roots here,” said Planning and Economic Development Director Chris Fleege. “They have made the decision to stay local and to support other local businesses.”

Anna and Nathaniel Bailey, co-owners of Bailey Builds, say they’re doing what they can to help others like selling work by local artists and offering their gallery space for events.

So they say they appreciate that the city is lending this kind of a hand.

“2020 has been difficult for every small business and so that the city is acknowledging that and getting behind and giving us some extra kudos and press and their support in this way is really remarkable,” Anna said.

“Anytime you get any coverage it’s always helpful for any business,” said Nathaniel.

“Locally Rooted” will run bi-weekly on City social media, highlighting two businesses each week.

Those interested should email the City of Duluth at

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