‘Snow’ Place Like Home: Early Big Blast of Winter Brings Northlanders Out

The few inches that fell Tuesday was enough to blanket cars, driveways, parks -- pretty much everything.

DULUTH, Minn.- Whether enjoying the freshly fallen snow, clearing it off or preparing for more to come, Northlanders were out and about after the first big snowfall of the season.

It was beginning to look a lot like winter at Leif Erickson Park Tuesday evening, the falling snow obscuring the Aerial Lift Bridge in the distance.

But that didn’t stop people from having a good time. “Taking a casual walk on a wonderful, bright snowy day,” Dan Mohr said.

Pawprints followed footprints in the white powdery sidewalks. Mohr and Andrea Bunich didn’t think their dog walk was going to be quite like this.

“Thought that just a week ago we were walking over at Lester and like ‘oh, alright, a nice fall day, prepare to come for next week.’,” Mohr said, his dog Buddy pulling at his leash to keep going.

“And we had this planned to go on a walk down here today, and then committed to the plan,” he said.

A choice they were fine with, but Bunich’s dog doesn’t share that love for winter. “Shiloh does not,” she said.

“Shiloh is not a cold weather dog,” she said. But Buddy had no problems. “He doesn’t care anyone can tell he’s already covered and doesn’t give a crap,” said Mohr.

Meanwhile those who parked their cars just outside the park didn’t expect to see their windows covered already.

“Knew it was gonna snow today but you never know how much,” said Bryan Sather. “Come outside and brush off best you can right?”

The dogwalkers shared his surprise at the early dumping of snow.

“I’ve never seen snow this early,” said Bunich. “I am originally from the Bemidji area and we’ve had it this early there but the few years I’ve been here hasn’t been here this early.”

The farther up the hill you went, the deeper the snow got. “It’s not that bad outside right now so if we can get out before it’s too cold it’s a good time to drain the gas out of your lawnmowers,” said Tobin Cook.

It was enough to make Cook prep his lawn equipment for the winter before it was too late.

“I thought we’d have a couple more weeks left I was kinda procrastinating and I was gonna wait until probably November,” he said, “but the snow kinda made me rush I guess didn’t do it, I guess. Or try to get it done I just want to get it done.”

And his kids were brushing up on their snow fun.

When asked if they’re excited an enthusiastic “yeah!” was followed by a shower of snow. They can’t wait to “ski, throw snowballs.”

Even Sather, the St. Luke’s pharmacist cleaning off his car, is excited for Northland winter. “If it comes down thick, wouldn’t mind getting out skiing once in a while.”

“If it’s gonna come, let it come,” he said.

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