City of Duluth Says Emergency Warming Center can Open Beginning of November

DULUTH, Minn. – On Thursday the City of Duluth along with St. Louis County, CHUM, and Loaves and Fishes announced plans to open the City Center West as an emergency warming center in Duluth.

The emergency warming center, located at 5830 Grand Avenue, will be able to open as early as November 4 if needed.

“The City is grateful for the continued partnership between St. Louis County and CHUM to continue providing a safe location for those with nowhere to go,” said Mayor Emily Larson. “This began as a pilot program two years ago and has proven to be successful. Having a warm place to go during the winter is always critical, and never more so than now during a pandemic. We are incredibly thankful to our staff, partners at St. Louis County, CHUM, and Loaves and Fishes for their great work bringing this forward for this winter.”

The warming center will be activated on nights where the temperature is expected to drop to 32 degrees or below and will operate from 8:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m.

“CHUM is grateful for the support of the City of Duluth, St. Louis County and Loaves and Fishes for this year’s warming center plans,” Lee Stuart, CHUM Executive Director said. “CHUM’s Drop-In Center will remain open for 24 hours as we did last year, and City Center West will be another site where people can come and stay overnight for warmth. We know that permanent housing is the solution to homelessness, overcrowded shelters, encampments, and warming centers, and until we can address that larger issue, we need to take every interim step (like the Warming Center) that we can.”

CHUM staff will be available at the warming center to talk to guests and can provide information and referral for services as

The City launched the warming center at City Center West in 2018 as a pilot program. In 2019, the Warming Center was
located at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and the Harmony Club.

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