Harbortown Rotary Club of Duluth Helps Bentleyville Crews Deck the Halls

The Rotary Club members' job: putting up the "5th Avenue Tunnel" lights.

DULUTH, Minn.- Snow’s not the only thing getting Duluth in the winter spirit –setup is continuing at the Bentleyville Tour of Lights, and they are continuing to receive help from the community.

About 15 volunteers from the Harbortown Rotary Club of Duluth came ready to deck the halls at Bayfront Park.

Normally they help out with other parts of the experience such as costumes, but members said if lights were the only way they could contribute, they wouldn’t miss it.

“I think it’s always important I don’t think it’s way more important this year than it is any other year,” said Rotarian Carl Maki.  “It’s a great community event brings people together brings a lot of people in the community.”

The Rotary Club members’ job: putting up the “5th Avenue Tunnel” lights.

Since the tunnel has to fit cars rather than people through this year, it required a little more work — an adjustment being made to all parts of the tour.

“We’ve never set up a drive-thru before so we’re actually learning as we go,” Executive Director Nathan Bentley said.

It made planning and execution two different challenges. “What it looks like on paper and what the reality is changes a lot,” he said.

“Making sure vehicles can make corners, making sure that our tunnels are high enough, they’re wide enough everything is continuously measured putting another care through, a larger car or a bigger car and seeing how it works and everything happens,” said Bentley.

Still, the founder of the Tour of Lights said they are on schedule for the November 20th opening.

Bentleyville’s founder says they are not in dire need of volunteers yet this year, but you’re welcome to stop by and help.

If you want to come with a bigger group, make sure you sign up on their website so they can have something for everyone to do.

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