Maple Schools Among Area Districts Facing Substitute Teacher Shortage

The district recently increased substitute teacher pay from $100 a day to $150.

MAPLE, Wisc. – The Maple School District is under pressure to add more substitute teachers.

“If there were about half of our total population of subs before who said no, I’m not willing to do it even though I love kids. I don’t know what amount of money it’s going to take. I would be thrilled if we get all four positions filled,” School District of Maple Superintendent, Dr. Sara Croney says.

After ending last year with 21 subs on the list, now the district which spans 500 square miles across northwest Wisconsin is down to just 11.

The Covid-19 pandemic is putting added stress on the current staff.

Members of the district hope that a new pay increase for the subs will be just enough to bring in more teachers.

“No question they need relief. But this action by the school board to say yes we’re going to raise the pay to $150 a day rather than $100. Yes we’re going to have four contracted subs. I think that has given all of us some hope. We have to move forward,” Dr. Croney says.

With this shortage, on-top of teaching three full blocks, some teachers are even having to be moved out of their prep-time to handle some of the teaching duties left vacant because of the shortage.

“We want to be able to be able to give you your prep back. Everybody is better for their learning if you have time to prep during the day and not take it home and do it at night,” Dr. Croney says.

Other schools in the area are in the same boat.

“It seems like there’s always a shortage of substitute teachers. On a normal year there’s a shortage of substitute teachers. This year is a little more extreme,” Hermantown Community School District Superintendent, Wayne Whitwam says.

Over in Hermantown they raised the substitute teacher rate back in August from one-hundred and five dollars a day to one-hundred and twenty five dollars to prepare for the year to come.

“I think it probably helped a little. But we’re still having a tough time filling substitute teacher positions,” Whitwam says.

Those teachers are critical in a year when distance learning has become the new norm.

“We’re going to try to hang on to that hybrid as long as possible. And that requires substitute teachers,” Whitwam says.

The School District of Maple has even added some extra incentives for substitute teachers including a $500 bonus after 30 days of teaching with the district.

If you would like more information on becoming a substitute for the School District of Maple, click here: Substitute Teacher Info

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