Duluth School District to Keep Athletics and Activities Open

Prep Girls Soccer

DULUTH, Minn. – On Thursday, Duluth Superintendent John Magas announced his decision to keep athletics and activities open while continuing to keep an eye on the safety of students.

This week St. Louis County reported a Duluth COVID-19 case rate of 32.7. A slight decrease from the previously reported 35.2.

Last week, the district stated that it would consider pausing athletics and activities if the case rate remained over 30.

“We want to continue to provide these activities for students, with an eye always on safety,” said Superintendent Magas. “We’ll continue through next week and possibly beyond, and continue to track COVID local and county case rates as well as any outbreaks in our schools. We’re being careful and safe. And we’re also trying our best to safely allow for the athletics and activities that students really appreciate.”

Magas is asking students, coaches, parents, and the community to adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols so students can continue to participate in activities.

“We urge everyone to follow COVID19 protocols on and off the field,” said Magas. “This includes masking up, social distancing, avoiding crowds, frequent hand washing and staying home when sick. We appreciate the support of our Duluth community.”

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