Grandma’s Marathon Donates 2020 Race Clothes to Haiti

DULUTH, Minn.– No Grandma’s Marathon this year has created some challenges for organizers. One of those includes thousands of unused clothes from the races. But that’s not stopping them and other Northland groups from trying to make the most of a tough situation.

Grandma’s Marathon teamed up with St. Matthew’s Church in Esko, and the Orphan Grain Train to send 10,000 total items of clothing to Haiti.

150 boxes full of clothing from all the 2020 races and even the spaghetti dinner was loaded up Friday. Orphan grain train will send them to Haiti, where they will be distributed by local organizations.

This isn’t the first time the groups have worked together to donate extra clothes but those at Grandma’s say they’ve never done it at this high of a number.

“Typically we’ll keep our excess inventory to either sell it later or if somebody misplaces their finisher shirt we can replace it for them. But this was such a big excess that we knew we had to do something,” said Zach Schneider, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator for Grandma’s Marathon.

St. Matthew’s Pastor Tom Brinkley knows it’s difficult that there isn’t a race this year but says the thousands of t-shirts going to people in need is a blessing.

“It was just kind of a natural thing to be able to take our connections and take the t-shirts, touch base with orphan grain train. And they’re going to ship them down there,” said Brinkley.

While the Grandma’s Clothes are already on their way to Haiti, St. Matthew’s is always looking for donations of clothes and other items. For contact information, check out their website.

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