Demonstrators Out for VP Pence’s Visit

A couple dozen demonstrators were outside the Range Regional Airport gates protesting his campaign stop on behalf of President Trump.

HIBBING, Minn. – The Northland greeting for Vice President Mike Pence was not all positive on Monday.

A couple dozen protestors were outside the Range Regional Airport gates protesting his campaign stop on behalf of President Trump.

The Northland has become no stranger to presidential campaign visits.

Monday’s Pence appearance means six total visits by the Biden and Trump campaigns combined over recent weeks.

As with any campaign visit, demonstrators came out to show their support for the opposite side.

“More civility, more peace, a better night’s sleep,” says a demonstrator who calls himself Santae Klause.

Biden/Harris supporters gathered to express how desperately they feel the country needs change.

“I think everybody should be out objecting to this administration it’s so vital all the different issues that are coming up,” says PJ, who calls herself part of the nasty women of Minnesota.

The demonstrators discussed some of the reasons they are not going to be voting for President Trump’s second term such as dishonesty, bullying, and not being presidential.

He spoke about why they believe the democratic ticket will be the best for the nation.

“I believe that’s what Biden and Harris ticket is trying to do is trying to pull people together, heal the nation, we don’t need anymore hurt we’ve all hurt enough,” says Klause.

The man who goes by Santae Klause says he hopes Biden will mandate masks in a way that people will listen and take proper precautions.

COVID-19 was also a hot button issue after several people close to Pence have tested positive in the past several days causing some to be concerned.

“His whole group a lot of them have the covid virus and he shouldn’t be here and he’s not essential so we are afraid that it will spread on the Iron Range,” says PJ.

The Iron Range’s own Santae Klause says he still loves everyone no matter what political party they are for.

“I think it’s time for our nation to come together and heal, Santae Klaus loves everybody republicans democrats independents it makes no difference to me they’re all going to get something at Christmastime,” says Klause.

With the election just more than one week away, campaigns will be making their final pleas to the voters of the Northland and the country.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to come to Wisconsin this Friday, Fox 21 will have more details as they come available.


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