Vice President Mike Pence Makes A Stop In Hibbing

HIBBING, Minn. –  In the final days leading up to the presidential election, Vice President Mike Pence made another visit to the Northland on Monday for a “Make America Great Again” rally.

This is the second time the Vice President made a campaign stop in northern Minnesota.

During this latest visit, he makes a push to hopefully bring the Trump Administration across the finish line come November 3rd.

A cold and blustery day did not keep hundreds of supporters from rallying at the event at the Range Regional Airport in Hibbing.

With just over a week left before the election, Vice president mike pence addressed the crowd of people hoping to reassure them about the administration’s support for the Iron Range.

“It’s pretty obvious to me the Iron Range is Trump country.

For many years, Iron rangers have put their support in democrats.

Now the region is turning in the direction of Republicans to fight for the issues affecting them.

“People are taking interest in this area because for far too long the mining industry has been struggling. Now we have a president and vice president that care about the economy in the Northland,” said Tom Manninen, who is running to win the House of Representatives seat in district 3A.

During President Trump’s visit to Duluth, he signed an executive order to push a fast track to minimize barriers for rebuilding the mining industry.

“From the beginning President Trump has been fighting to open up the Iron Range,” said Pence.

Congressman Pete Stauber was there to witness the signing of that order.

During the rally, he expressed how lucky the Iron Range is to have an industry that supplies this nation with important goods.

“We are blessed to have the iron ore. The iron ore from the area makes 85% of the steel in this nation. It comes right here from the blood sweat and tears of the miners here on the Iron Range. Never forget that,” said Stauber.

With election day almost here, Vice President Pence told the crowd the president needs their support to make sure the future of the iron range is a priority.

“Vote with a friend, tell somebody, and have faith. “I know we are going to have a victory all across Minnesota and America, said Pence.

In this final stretch before the presidential election, Vice President Mike Pence is expected to make a campaign stop in South Carolina tomorrow.

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