$135,000 Potentially Headed to Maintain Kozy Building

The building which is now owned by the Duluth Economic Development Authority went up in flames in 2010.

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth Economic Development Authority, also known as DEDA has voted to use $135,000 to help prevent the condemned Kozy Building on East First Street from continuing to fall apart.

The building which is now owned by DEDA went up in flames in 2010.

The city wants it demolished for a developer, but the former Kozy owner continues to fight that in court.

“It really is a public safety concern there’s no power in there there’s no plumbing it’s cold there’s definitely some signs of needles and things it’s just not a good space for people to be in,” says Chris Fleege, the Director of Planning and Economic Development in Duluth.

The Duluth City Council will need to vote on the maintenance funds at an upcoming council meeting.

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