Nystrom: “We’re Within Striking Distance of Stauber in the Polls”

Nystrom is Proud of the Grassroots Support Her Campaign Has Received for Election 2020

BAXTER, Minn. – Democratic candidate for the 8th District Congressional Race, Quinn Nystrom, says she’s excited and highly optimistic of a victory for her campaign in election 2020.

Nystrom visited Duluth Monday with the hope of getting residents to the polls on Tuesday to make sure their voices are heard.

The Crow Wing County native previously served on the Baxter City Council and has a passion for lowering the cost of prescription medications along with providing affordable healthcare to all.

She’s proud to have received such strong support from many grassroots organizations and says her campaign is within striking distance in the polls of her challenger, republican incumbent Pete Stauber.

“I would not have gotten into this race if Pete Stauber would have done his job. We know that we’re close and we know that healthcare issues matter and are at the top of mind in voters in the 8th,” said Nystrom. “It’s unfortunate when a sitting member of Congress cannot run on his merits and has to just make up these lies.”

Nystrom says she’s heard from countless Republicans in the district who are fed up with Stauber’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She says Stauber’s recent attack ads toward her, which insist she’s trying to ban planes, cars, and cows, have been taken as a compliment as the race tightens.

“I wish that he could just run on his voting record and what he believes he’s done for this district, but the truth is, he hasn’t done a lot for this district and that’s why he can’t run on that. I see an attack add as a compliment,” said Nystrom.



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