Saint Scholastica Physical Therapy Students Dealing with Hybrid Learning

Members of the Physical Therapy program say, the communication between both students and faculty has never been better.

DULUTH, Minn. – “We really have a holistic approach and learn about the whole body so we can treat the person as a whole throughout physical therapy,” Second Year Graduate Student, Mackenzie Davidge says.

The rigorous physical therapy program at Saint Scholastica normally has 48 students in a group.

This year, they have split those students into two separate classes.

“Then within those groups paired them. We tried to pair them with roommates or close friends that they might be spending time with outside of the classroom as well,” Saint Scholastica Physical Therapy Program Department Chair, John Borstad says.

Meaning the professors are doing double the work and there are also some other drawbacks with the students.

“We have to teach each lab twice,” Borstad says.

“Students don’t get to rotate among different students among different students. And get different feels for body types.”

But the belief is that having these courses in-person gives students a better chance to succeed in the future.

“I think the trade off of being here and being able to practice and learn the skills and get feedback from the faculty is worth it.”

Members of the physical therapy program say, the communication between both students and faculty has never been better.

“I think everyone worked very well to make it the best experience as possible. We reached out between students to make sure everyone was doing okay. Our faculty checked up on us. Our faculty has worked really hard the last 6 to 8 months to make sure the delivery was as best as it can be,” Davidge says.

For passionate students like second year grad student Mackenzie Davidge, she and her classmates will continue to move forward.

“I think we’re all super eager to go out and experience what it’s like to be in a clinic first hand. So we’re just praying that it works as smooth as it’s supposed to be.”

Saint Scholastica will continue this hybrid learning model for the physical therapy program in the spring semester.

The department chair says, the classwork they have done online this year has given the school new possibilities for structuring classes in the future.


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