Voters in Twin Ports Differ On Choice For Next President

TWIN PORTS, Minn. – Election day turned out to be a bright, sunny day in the Twin Ports and big crowds showed up at the polls to make sure their voices will be heard.

“People were there before we even opened up at 7 a.m. We had longs lines then. That’s great. I’m glad about that. I really am,” said Portia Johnson, a co-chair election judge in Duluth.

Voters we spoke with in both Duluth and Superior share the common goal of wanting to fulfill their civic duty of voting, but many differ on who should be the next president.

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“We need Donald Trump,” said Bruce Nichols, a voter casting a ballot at the Central Assembly of God Church in Superior.

Kiana Solem of Duluth said “we need a change in America. Personally, I am voting for Biden.”

Nichols says his vote is going to President Donald Trump because he doesn’t believe opponent Joe Biden would be a good fit to run the nation.

“He has done nothing for 47 years and he will continue to do nothing, but hurt the economy the livelihood and our First and Second amendment,” said Nichols.

Others believe Joe Biden might be the solution to make a better country.

“We need change. It’s not going to happen if we have another four years with Trump,” said Kiana Solem. “I cannot put it into words. he has made so many bad decisions for us. there are some that are all right.”

Another Duluth woman is among many who believe a lot is at stake in this presidential race.

This year, it is more important because we need to start rebuilding again, to take this pandemic seriously. We need to take the precautionary measures to protect our children and our elderly,” said Stacey Solem.

Although there is a divide between voters, the overall hope is for everyone to take part in the election process.

“Hopefully everyone, no matter what their affiliation is, that they come and vote,” said Johnson.

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