How Recycled Political Signs Could Help Find Lost Pets

NORTHLAND – If you have a political sign in your yard, you have the opportunity to recycle it for something useful.

One local group, which works to find missing pets, is looking for gently-used political campaign signs, which will in turn be used for lost pets. One of the main components of lost dog protocol is to get signs up right away, which are bright, and political signs make a great backdrop for these.

“So the main reason we do signs right away is for external awareness because so many people see a dog or a cat walking down the road and they don’t think anything of it but if they start turning the corner and every major intersection has a picture of that dog or cat then they’re going to be like oh I just saw that dog,” said Amy Addy, the co-administrator for the Missing Pets in the Northland Facebook group.

And the group says to make sure the political candidate doesn’t want the signs back before you donate them because they can be expensive.

To donate, just visit and message the “Missing Pets in the Northland” Facebook page.

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