Voters React To Unknown Presidency Results

DULUTH, Minn.- Election day has come and gone, but results for the president has yet to be determined.

Fox 21 caught up with some Northlanders to find out how they are feeling about the unknown presidency results.

With ballots still being counted in a handful of states, some Northlanders say they are becoming anxious not knowing the results.

“It looks like anybody’s guess. It could go either way. We will have to wait and see when all the votes come in,” said Jerry Adam, a visitor from the Iron Range.

Some also say although the next president has yet to be chosen, there is a sense of pride knowing people took action by showing up to the polls.

“I think that speaks loudly for a strong American spirit, whether you are Republican or a Democrat,” said Karen Adam.

Multiple states have yet to be called including Pennsylvania.

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