First-Generation College Students Celebrated Virtually at UWS

Around half of UWS's students are first-generation.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – First-generation college students at the University of Wisconsin Superior were celebrated virtually on Friday.

First-generation college student day is celebrated nationally each year on November 8 after the higher education act was signed 55 years ago.

Around half of UWS’s students are first-generation.

These first-generation students are the first in their family to go to college and school officials say the university offers many programs such as free, unlimited tutoring, and career support to help those students be successful.

That is such an important and vital part of who we are and our identity certainly the people who work here too also get to claim the status of being a first-gen student and get to share their successes of being a professional with the students that we work with,” says Mickey Fitch-Collins, the interim executive director at UWS Student Success.

For more information on the UWS Student Support Services can be found here.