Minnesota Deer Season Opens Saturday

Hunters spent the day before the opener getting ready and stocking up so hopefully they can get their big buck this coming week.

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – The 2020 Minnesota firearms deer season begins on Saturday and many Northlanders are preparing for the big day.

Hunters spent the day before the opener getting ready and stocking up so hopefully they can get their big buck this coming week.

“Just get out and have some fun it’s going to be a beautiful weekend,” says Scott Vanvalkenburg, the owner of The Fisherman’s Corner in Hermantown.

At The Fisherman’s Corner hunters were stocking up on licenses, ammunition, and everything else to make their week successful.

Owner Vanvalkenburg has owned the business going on 38 years and says

“I’m really blessed I get to see all these guys every year…you see a lot of guys and their kids and their kids with their kids it’s a lot of fun and a lot of stories all the time,” says Vanvalkenburg.

Although deer season is about having fun, he reminded hunters to make sure safety comes first.

“Everybody be safe out there wear your orange as always always before you put any shells in your gun be sure that barrel is clean and free and always point that muzzle away from anybody or anything you wouldn’t want to shoot when it’s unloaded or loaded,” says Vanvalkenburg.

Over at the United Northern Sportsman’s range hunters were busy getting their rifles sited-in so they can hit the big prize come this weekend.

“You want to hit what you’re aiming at in other words you want to hit the deer, not anything behind it besides it whatever os it’s very important to get that deer rifle sited-in,” says Bob Kuettel, the range safety officer.

Normally the days they have available for the public to sight-in on the legal range are very busy, but this year there’s been many fewer people than usual.

“This year our sited period we usually do for 11 days prior to the opener but this year’s I’ve been doing it for 9 years and this is one of the slowest years I’ve seen,” says Kuettel.

Every year deer season also involves people who do not like to hunt while their spouses do and Vintage Hidaway Marketplace in Hermantown is having a special weekend they say is geared towards women who don’t hunt.

This weekend they will have a food truck and music along with plenty of shopping.

“When the guys go hunting the girls go shopping so we thought we’d make it a fun experience for them and get them out so the weather is perfect we couldn’t ask for anything better,” says Laurie Gaudino, the shop owner at Vintage Hideaway Marketplace.

Most of all, the deer season is about people getting outside and enjoying themselves in hopes of bringing home a big buck.

“Get out and learn the woods and I think it brings peace to a lot of people,” says Vanvalkenburg.

Minnesota deer hunting firearms season goes from November 7 through the 15.

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