College Students React to Biden’s Victory

Northland college students got out to voice their thoughts on Biden's win.

NORTHLAND – Northland college students got out to voice their thoughts on Biden’s win.

Experts say in an election with historic voter turnout, young voters came out in strong force.

After the presidential race went to Biden, we caught up with college-aged voters at UMD and UWS.

Friends and roommates Molly, Malorie and Morgan spent the afternoon outside, waving at cars with a sign that encouraged honks in support for the Biden/Harris win.

“This morning, we all woke up and in our roommate group chat we were all like, oh my gosh, Biden won, and we all met in the living room and were super excited so we were like, what can we do to celebrate as college students and what better than to have people honking and celebrating together,” said Morgan Sewell, a senior at UMD.

They say it was important to get involved in the democratic process to make sure their voices were heard.

“it’s super important to have our rights spoken for and I think just being able to have our voices heard and with all the voting and all the support that was able to come out in over these last few days just kind of sitting on the edge of our seats like, what states are going to turn blue kind of deal,” said Malorie Wall, a senior at UMD.

They say it was a big day for women as well as Kamala Harris was the first Black South-Asian woman elected to be vice president. The roommates say as women, it inspires them and others across the nation.

“I thought it’s super cool to see the first woman vice president being elected because just as women are all like we can do that and just to see how far we can go,” said Molly Bolin, a senior at UMD.

At UWS, students say that in an increasingly polarized society, it’s important to move forward.

“I think it gives us a chance to do that because we were also split when Donald Trump was first elected so I mean we’re always going to be split, but I just think we need to take it into our own hands and find a plan that actually works,” said Yanamarie Carrera, a sophomore at UWS>

While all these students were in support of Joe Biden, no pro-Trump student groups were out or available for comment at either campus Saturday.

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