Local Political Experts Weigh-In on Declared Biden Win, What Comes Next

Both experts say the high nationwide voter turnout and youth voter turnout were the biggest takeaways of this year's election. 

DULUTH, Minn.- Local political experts from universities in the Northland weighed in Saturday on what comes next for President-Elect Joe Biden, and for President Donald Trump.

On President Trump’s next moves Dr. Cindy Rugeley of UMD, a featured political analyst on FOX 21, said the nation should allow him the chance to contest the outcome in court.

“I think that they need to give Trump a little bit of time,” said Dr. Rugeley.

The President has claimed voter fraud due to mail-in ballots in many key states.

As Biden was declared the winner Saturday, Trump repeatedly tweeted about observers not being allowed into counting rooms, and that he got “71,000,000 legal votes.”

“I mean, I don’t think losing is easy for anybody, and I don’t think it’s particularly easy for him,” the Associate Political Science Professor and Department Head said.

Although Dr. Rugeley said his claims of voter fraud don’t have much evidence right now, the courts will have to determine that.

“So I think give him a few days, he has the right to run things through the court and make sure everything was above board and I think afterwards, perhaps we’ll see a change in tone,” said Dr. Rugeley.

Meanwhile UWS’s Dr. Alisa Von Hagel, who was FOX 21’s analyst on Election Night this past week, said Biden’s task ahead is building his Presidential cabinet and reaching out to members of the House of Representatives and Senate to start off his tenure on good terms.

“Really his tasks right now is in terms of building his White House,” the Associate Political Science Professor said.

“So it’ll be identifying, vetting cabinet members, the huge group of staffers and aides that are, encompass the office of the Presidency,” said Dr. Von Hagel.

Both experts say the unprecedented nationwide voter turnout, and extremely high turnout among 18-24 year old college students, were the biggest takeaways of this year’s election.

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