Fire Pit Overlook from 1930s Restored for Community Use by City of Superior

The original 1930s era Stone Council Circle is found at the end of Girl Scout Point in the Billings Park neighborhood. 

SUPERIOR, Wis.- An almost 100-year-old outdoor gathering spot in Superior is now open to the public again after being newly restored.

According to Superior Mayor Jim Paine, Stone Council Circle was quietly restored all-year long by the Parks Department, and finished this summer.

The original 1930s era structure is found at the end of Girl Scout Point in the Billings Park neighborhood.

“This has just been a part of our story and I think it’s something that’s been forgotten,” Mayor Paine said. “So we found a picture of the original structure and decided to restore it as best as possible to its original condition.”

The two wraparound stone benches around a large, reconstructed fire pit overlook the St. Louis River.

Sunday’s near 70-degree temperatures brought many people out to the structure already, lighting fires and enjoying the view.

Mayor Paine says it was one of his favorite spots as a kid, and he’s excited the city could bring the unique, scenic area back to life for others to make memories.

“We have beautiful parks in the city of Superior but one of the best parts about hanging out outside in Northern Wisconsin is sitting around with friends and having a fire,” said Paine.

A little more work has to be done on the stone at the bottom of the benches, but it is still ready and open for the public now.

In a couple of weeks, Paine said, people can call the Parks and Recreation Department to reserve the space for a small fee as well.

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