Gun and Liquor Sales Spike Over Election Weekend

Some were stocking up on guns and champagne as the process played out.

DULUTH, Minn-  It’s been a highly emotional election season.

As election results played out over the weekend some types of businesses in the Northland, like liquor stores and gun shops, saw a spike in sales.

Strong feelings have been common with many people anxiously waiting for news about the presidential election results.

Some were stocking up on certain items as the process played out.

“People were waiting for results. They were happy about the results and some not happy,” said Paula Scherber, a clerk at Lakeside Liquors in Duluth.

Due to the outcome of the election, many businesses in the Northland recently had a boost in sales.

“We sold so much champagne. We sold everything else, but the champagne was almost like a New Year’s Eve night, said Scherber.

Lakeside Liquors in Duluth saw an uptick in the number of customers over the weekend as a lot of people purchased alcohol to mark the occasion.

“People were happy and felt it was time to celebrate,” said Scherber.

On the other hand, gun shops in the region also had a jump in the number of people buying firearms.

“Definitely, handgun sales are still strong. Every day it’s been folks coming in. It’s been pretty steady,” said Scott Van Valkenburg, the owner of Fisherman’s Corner in Duluth.

Gun sellers believe one reason for the big demand is gun owners fearing they may lose their second amendment rights under a Joe Biden presidency.

“They’re all thinking they should get this or that gun. They were hoping to get it at a later date, but maybe that date won’t be available. Especially AR-15’s, they are going to change things, I’m sure,” said Van Valkenburg.

During his campaign, Biden has made it known, as president, he plans to ban both future manufacturing and sale of assault weapons along with high capacity ammunition as a way to help end gun violence in the united states.

Biden also proposes to require owners of assault weapons like the AR-15 to pay a tax for registering the firearm and for possessing over ten rounds of ammunition.

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