Local Family Searching for Stolen Package from Packers Linebacker Christian Kirksey

The jersey was a surprise birthday gift for die-hard Packers fan Betty Anderson, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday.

DULUTH, Minn. – Last month, Betty Anderson celebrated her 90th birthday. As a die-hard Packers fan, she always wanted to go to Lambeau Field. But due to the pandemic, fans aren’t allowed to attend Packers game. So her grand-daughter, McKenzie Thomas, came up with the next best thing.

“I wanted to reach out to all the Packers players, just to see if they could do something special. Even just a Happy Birthday, I would’ve been happy with,” Thomas said.

So Thomas sent a letter to several former and current players. A few days later, she got a response from linebacker Christian Kirksey.

“He’s like I’d love to send her a signed jersey of mine. So just like out of the blue, wow this person wants to do something. That’s crazy. I wasn’t expecting it,” said Thomas.

But then the story takes an unfortunate turn for the worst.

“A couple days ago, my grandma calls. She goes ‘yeah we had an eventful day yesterday. We had a package stolen.’ And my grandma was like ‘yeah but we didn’t order anything so I don’t know what it was,” Thomas said.

Her surprise birthday gift was stolen right off her front porch. Thankfully, a neighbor was able to get a description of the person and they filed a police report. Thomas also posted about the situation on her Facebook page.

“There’s so many people that are so sweet out there, reaching and saying ‘hope we find it’ and are keeping a look-out on Facebook Marketplace if it pops up anywhere. Just unimaginable that they’re there for you and they care. It’s so sweet,” said Thomas.

Her grandma also wanted Thomas to reach out to Kirksey, not to try and get another jersey, but to let her know how much she appreciated his kind gesture.

“She appreciated just even him taking the time to even want to send her a jersey. That meant more to her than the jersey,” Thomas said.

Thomas hopes the jersey turns up soon so her grandma’s birthday can have a happy ending. She added if you have any information about where the jersey is, you can reach out to her on Facebook.

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