Old World Meats Celebrates 50th Anniversary

DULUTH, Minn. – Old World Meats on central entrance has been open for five decades now.

“I would say we’re one of the only butcher shops in town, the small time butcher shops that can give you all the stuff the old time ones could,” Butcher, Mike Wrazidlo says.

The business is so popular that owners are still in the early phases of a five million dollar expansion.

“It’s a great family feel. I feel like everyone is on the same level when y’all know what to do and working together,” Wrazidlo says.

A family run business spanning five generations.

“I feel like we know a lot of our customers. We know a lot of them by first name especially the regulars that come in here all the time. It makes not only them feel at home but it makes us feel the same way with that home type atmosphere,” Wrazidlo says.

Some people even make the trek down from international falls to see what the shop has to offer.

“This is the best lookin’ meat you could get short of seeing a steer in a stock show wearing a blue ribbon. They are willing to take the time to show you the meat. To let you see the whole side of it,” International Falls Resident, Cathy Clippinger says.

That same service is what keeps people coming back

“It is the best. No where else I’ve been across the whole half the western united states are you going to find anything any better,” Clippinger says.


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