Duluth Police Dept. Switches To COVID-19 Emergency Schedule

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth Police Department is switching to a COVID-19 emergency patrol schedule to allow for a built-in quarantine period.

Officers will now work five-day, 12-hour shifts with 10 days off.

Investigative staff will be on rotating shifts to serve as back-up for patrol.

As of Tuesday night, 27 employees were in quarantine for being exposed to the virus, including Police Chief Mike Tusken.

An additional 17 department members are out for testing positive, and four are awaiting results.

A spokesperson told FOX 21 most of the affected are officers.

The department expects 32 employees back to work Monday.

Chief Tusken, who spoke out Friday about the department’s battle with COVID, says most employees in quarantine have not tested positive other than a total of 23 since the pandemic started in March.

The department employs 158 officers and 40 supporting staff.

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