Governor Walz Imposes New Restrictions For Weddings

Glensheen mansion typically hosts nearly 50 weddings in a normal season.

DULUTH, Minn. – Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is turning back the dial to help slow the pace of rising covid-19 cases in the state.

These new restrictions will put additional limitations on bars and restaurants starting Friday.

Both indoor and outdoor private social gatherings will also be capped at ten people at that point.

The number of guests allowed at receptions for occasions like weddings and funerals will be cut back in two different phases over the next month.

These new restrictions are now forcing many couples engaged to be married to adjust their wedding plans.

Unfortunately, the global pandemic has put a damper on the spirits of many brides and grooms anticipating the wedding of their dreams.

Hosting any large social gathering like weddings and wedding receptions can still put people at risk.

“Obviously no one wants to go to work and get sick. We followed all of the guidelines,” said Mary Carlson, the owner of Pure Event Planning and Design.

Carlson was definitely not expecting to contract the virus at a wedding she planned.

“It still happened. It’s out there. That’s why it’s a pandemic,” said Carlson.

This risk and the skyrocketing case numbers are some of the main reasons prompting Governor Walz to tighten restrictions.

“There is no such thing as good timing for restrictions when it to a wedding you probably have been planning a long time,” said Carlson.

Carlson believes the timing for the new guidelines is appropriate to help slow the spread of the virus.

Starting November 27th, wedding receptions will be limited to a maximum of 50 people and that limit will then decrease to 25 by early December.

These lower guest numbers mean wedding venues like Glensheen Mansion in Duluth could see another financial hit.
“Weddings can absolutely be a moneymaker for us,” said Regina Christensen, the event operations manager at Glensheen Mansion. “Just like every other operation and hospitality industry we have been hit hard this year.”

Glensheen typically hosts nearly 50 weddings during a normal wedding season.

That number has dropped to only 15 this year due to the pandemic.

Despite having to take a lot of additional precautions, the main goal for event planners and venues is still to help put on a wedding to remember.

“We’re doing everything we possibly can to make sure that vision is followed through and comes to fruition on the day they’ve envisioned and entrusted us with, but safety comes first,” said Christensen.
Both Pure Event Planning and Glensheen Mansion follow strict safety guidelines including requiring masks, encouraging social distancing of nine feet, and sanitizing before, during, and after an event.


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