St. Louis County Launches Billboard Campaign To Reach Teens

DULUTH, Minn.- Several billboards are now displayed throughout St. Louis County, including two in the Duluth area, to shed light on the norms of substance uses.

Vaping is one form of substance that has become more common among young people in recent years.

A recent survey conducted on Minnesota students shows the idea that “everyone is doing it” is certainly not true.

The St. Louis County Public Health Division is highlighting the real facts of substance use among area youth by launching this billboard campaign.

The campaign showcases actual statistics of substance use by youth in this area.

The data used for the billboards help to paint a more accurate picture for many students who believe a lot of other kids their age are participating in drug and alcohol use.

The common perception young people have surrounding substance use does not reflect the number of kids actually doing it.

“Sometimes when something is trending, especially when you are seeing ads for it. Companies are looking towards Instagram, Tiktok, and places kids are already spending their time,” said Stephany Medina, a health educator for the St. Louis County Public Health Division. “When you see something that often you start thinking people are purchasing these products.”

County public health officials hope the billboards will also connect with parents.

Experts also encourage adults to talk to their kids about the use of drugs and alcohol including coming up with strategies for them to know how to say “no” when asked to use any type of substance.

The St. Louis County Public Health Division is looking to carry this messaging into next year.

The goal is to make the billboards a long-term campaign.

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