Public Health Officials Wants College Students To Be Mindful Of Traveling For The Holidays

DULUTH, Minn. – Public Health leaders in St. Louis County say the 20-24 age group continues to be one of the largest parts of the population in the county infected with the Coronavirus.

They ask college students to be mindful of the risks as they make plans for the holidays.

Currently, about nine percent of the cases in the county are associated with higher education institutions.

This includes students, faculty, and staff.

Community transmission continues to be the biggest reason for the spread of the virus, and county health officials are concerned about another spike during the holidays.

“We saw a higher percentage of cases in the 20 to 35-year-olds, about a week after Halloween. We think that could be due to Halloween parties,” said Amy Westbrook, the director for the St. Louis County Public Health Division.

Social gatherings are strongly being advised against.

If students are thinking about traveling for the holidays, it is recommended to get tested.

It is also suggested to quarantine for at least two weeks before.

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