St. Regis Apartments Now Condemned; Tenants React

"It's been a lot of stress and anguish," said Page Koski, a tenant of the building.

DULUTH, Minn. – Nearly a month ago, residents at the St. Regis Apartments in Duluth were given just over a week to leave after the building had a heating issue.

“It’s been a lot of stress and anguish,” said Page Koski, a tenant of the building.

Several tenants share similar feelings because their living situation is now very uncertain.

“My wife has been with so much stress and anxiety. Looking out the windows wondering if we are going to be able to stay or go,” said Koski.

10 out of 18 units are reoccupied by tenants, but now the city classifies the building as unfit.

The Duluth fire marshal says certain criteria is considered when making that decision.

“Usually, it’s any items that make the building unsafe for people to live there,” said Sandy McComb. “The lack of utilities and heat are our biggest concerns.

Koski is also the father of a newborn daughter. He’s unsure about where they will live if they have to leave.

“To be honest we don’t. We don’t have a lot of family,” said Koski.

Another tenant, who used to also do maintenance in the building, says the heating issue has been an ongoing problem.

“They knew about this well before we were given eviction notices or notices to vacate,” said David Smith.

the property is currently owned by eric Ringsred, who has also been fighting to keep the neighboring Kozy building standing.

Smith says he is disappointed in how this situation being handled.

“It’s disheartening they would choose to worry about properties that are already condemned and sinking tens of thousands of dollars into dilapidated properties, yet willing to displace eleven families,” said Smith.

Several building occupants have joined a class-action lawsuit that could require the property company to provide lodging until the maintenance issue is resolved.

“I just hope they would step up to the plate and make this right,” said Smith.

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