City of Duluth to Discuss Future of Enger and Lester Park Golf Courses

DULUTH, Minn.– The city of Duluth will post a $100,000 loss this year managing their two golf courses, nearly half as much of a loss compared to 2019.

This is due to keeping the Lester Park Course closed and it might stay that way going forward.

City officials say 39,000 rounds were played at Enger Park Golf Course this year while Lester Park Golf Course remained closed to cut costs during the pandemic. 51,000 rounds were played between the two courses in 2019.

The city is going to decide what to do with the courses in 2021. The Parks and Recreation Department will recommend keeping Lester Park closed while still taking care of it. That setup is projected to break even or create $5,000 in revenue next year.

“It is time for us to make difficult decisions and start putting golf back on the course towards neutral or profitability,” said Jessica Peterson, Parks and Recreations Manager for the City of Duluth. “We cannot keep shouldering 6-figure losses year after year after year.”

The city decided to close Lester Park Golf Course back in April based on the city’s tough financial situation brought on by the pandemic. Plans to keep the course closed will be brought to the city council on Monday and a final decision will be reached by the council on December 14.

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