Wisconsin Hunters Prep for Deer Season

SUPERIOR, Wis.– Rifle season for deer hunting begins tomorrow in Wisconsin, and residents are gearing up for the season.

Northwest Outlet in Superior has seen hunters come in to get some last minute supplies before the season starts. They’ve bought up hats, gloves, coats, mineral licks and bibs, which has been a top seller this year for the store.

While it may not be as busy as other years, staff say it makes them happy to see all the people itching to get out and hunt.

“I think people are excited. I think they are really excited this year because they’ve got something to look forward to now with deer season coming up,” said Scott Miller of Northwest Outlet. “Hopefully the deer are out there and that they’re still going to be there as hunting season starts.”

Rifle season in Wisconsin begins tomorrow morning and will continue through November 29.

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