OMC Cookbook Brings Smokehouse Recipes to Customers, Help to Lincoln Park Businesses

Staff at OMC said last year they raised about $67,000 from book sales for an IndieGoGo campaign supporting Lincoln Park businesses.

DULUTH, Minn.- For a second year in a row you can now make recipes of Duluth’s Lincoln Park Craft District restaurant OMC Smokehouse at home, while also helping out local businesses in the area.

The OMC Smokehouse Cookbook is out again this year with money going toward Lifting Lincoln Park, an IndieGoGo campaign aimed at helping businesses in the neighborhood.

Staff at OMC said last year they raised about $67,000 from book sales. It contains recipes for all the dishes they serve.

“If there’s something that you like at the OMC you have an opportunity to make it. I actually received some messages from friends over Thanksgiving who made a lot of the recipes and were really thrilled with how it came out,” manager Evan Sieve said.

He hopes this year it continues spreading the food customers enjoy while keeping their interest in Lincoln Park.

“We wanted to do something to help all these business out not just ourselves but really make it about the Lincoln Park neighborhood,” he said.

You can order the cookbook online or at OMC for $29.95 — or you can donate directly to Lifting Lincoln Park. A $50 donation to the campaign will get you the cookbook and gift cards to other businesses.

Meanwhile, OMC also sold roughly fifty 20lb smoked turkeys during the Thanksgiving holiday.

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