Local Businesses Are Taking Advantage Of Cyber Monday

This year's nearly $13 billion projection for Cyber Monday is up by about 35% compared to 2019.

DULUTH, Minn. – Experts predict consumers will spend nearly $13-billion on Cyber Monday online purchases.

This would make it the biggest online shopping day in history for the United States.

Many Northland businesses are taking advantage of the financial boost the shopping day could bring.

Cyber Monday deals can be a motivator for people to spend their money and the increased spending could end up being a big helping hand for many businesses trying to hold on in the midst of the pandemic.

Several businesses in the area have been suffering financial setbacks since the start of the pandemic.

Cyber Monday brings an opportunity for those hurting the most to recover some lost sales, making it extra vital this year for consumers to support local establishments.

More than ever, we need to come together to support your neighbors, your friends, families here in the local community. Support and shop small businesses,” said Andrea Johnson, marketing manager for Duluth Pack.

Fortunately, Duluth Pack has been able to remain financially stable during the pandemic.

Cyber Monday can bring them an extra financial boost right now, but it remains important for customers to support local businesses throughout the entire year.

“It is impactful. It makes a difference. It helps keep businesses here locally,” said Johnson.

Other businesses like Bailey Builds in Duluth, an art studio specializing in woodwork, use Cyber Monday as a way to reach a wider range of customers.

“Most of our buyers are actually across the nation. they don’t have a chance to shop local, so they wait for the one time of year we offer a sale,” said Co-owner Anna Bailey.

Reaching a larger group of consumers online has proven to be very impactful.

“it’s very important to the livelihood of our business, our family, and for the families that work for us,” said Bailey.

Cyber Monday last year was very profitable for Bailey Builds, and the co-owner has some advice for businesses struggling during the pandemic.

“I encourage you to do marketing for Cyber Monday. Maybe it didn’t happen this year, but next year start thinking about how your business can shift and reach a wider audience.

This year’s nearly $13 billion projection for Cyber Monday is up by about 35% compared to 2019.

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