St. Michael’s Church Sells Christmas Trees

DULUTH, Minn. – If you haven’t picked up a christmas tree, you can snag one from St. Michael’s Church in Duluth.

Your purchase will also go to help raise money for the church.

Real Christmas trees and wreaths ranging in size are available.

In its first weekend of the sale, the church sold more than sixty trees in one day.

Some at the church believe the increased tree sales could be an attempt for many people to feel normal during the pandemic.

“It’s a tradition for christians to celebrate and express the new life and hope,” said Church Administrator Father Andrew Knop. “It is important as most people will be staying at home to have something that is real and brings back memories.”

Christmas trees and wreaths can be purchased seven days a week.

All are available until they are gone.

St. Michael’s Church is located at 4901 E Superior Street.

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