Two Young ATV Riders Break Through Ice on Lake, Make It Safely Back to Land

ST. LOUIS CO., Minn. — Two young ATV riders were able to make it back to land safely after their ATVs broke through the ice and went into the Fish Lake Reservoir.

St. Louis County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the scene around 4:45 p.m. on Monday.

Officials did not provide the ages of the ATV riders or if they suffered any injuries.

The Sheriff’s Office added in the press release that you should always check the thickness of the ice before venturing out onto it.

The Sheriff’s Office said that walking on ice requires it to be at least four inches thick to be safe, and taking a snowmobile or ATV out onto it requires it to be five inches thick.

If you are driving out onto the ice in a car or small pickup truck, the ice should be at least 8 to 12 inches thick, while a medium-sized truck needs at least 12-15 inches of thick ice.

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