Saginaw Man Continues Holiday Tradition with ‘Cut Your Own’ Tree Farm

Keith Miernicki Not Only Sells Christmas Trees, He's Also Dabbles in Stove Sales for Saunas

SAGINAW, Minn. – Finding the perfect Christmas tree begins with picking the best location to chop one down.

One Saginaw man continues to spread Christmas cheer by opening up his many acres of land for families to take a drive and cut their own Tannenbaum.

“I probably have a million trees,” said Keith Miernicki, owner of Duluth Saginaw Stove Works & Christmas Tree Farm.

That’s a million ways to make holiday memories during the most wonderful time of the year.

“Everybody has a different taste. Some people want a tree that looks like an artificial tree, and that I don’t have,” said Miernicki.

Miernicki loves helping families make the most out of the cold winter months.

“There’s a snowman out there! I like when the kids make me a snowman,” said Miernicki.

From trees, to stoves, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on his more than 120 acres of land.

“People that have been here before know the ropes,” said Miernicki.

The man is a jack of all trades. He sells Kuma stoves used for saunas, and also cultivates his land which yields Christmas trees year after year.

“It becomes a tradition. I’ve had people coming here for the same 30 years, the same people,” said Miernicki.

He purchased the farm back in 1966 and came up with the idea to sell trees after seeing a poster in his cousin’s home.

“The poster said — when it’s raining lemons, sell lemonade. And I said to myself, what have I got? What lemons do I have? I have Christmas trees. They grow all the time,” said Miernicki.

After settling on the idea, he started clearing his parcel of land, and the rest is holiday history.

“Half of the trees are tall. They’re great for people who have tall ceilings,” said Miernicki.

The farm is home to trees of all sizes and varieties ranging from balsam to spruce, and a select few white pines. Miernicki has been through many ups and downs during his time in business.

“Last year there was that big snowstorm and people couldn’t go into the woods so it was a slow year. But this year I’m doing well. I’m surprised how good I’m doing,” said Miernicki.

He says unlike many other tree farmers, there’s no shortage of joy coming from his farm this holiday season.

“They grow in bunches and that’s terrible, I have to thin them out every year,” said Miernicki.

What’s not terrible is the payment plan offered by the owner himself. Trees are 30 dollars, and kindness is key.

“I’ve got a mailbox next to my door here that people put their money in,” said Miernicki.

Whether he’s home, or out of the office, Miernicki is proud to provide memories for Northland families, especially during a year when all we all need a little joy to help spruce up our lives.

Duluth Saginaw Stove Works & Christmas Tree Farm is located at 4712 South Aune Road in Saginaw.

The farm is open seven days a week.

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