Gov. Walz to Announce Next Week on Future of State’s COVID-19 Restrictions

ST. PAUL, Minn.– We are a week away from when restrictions could be lifted on some Minnesota businesses but Governor Tim Walz said Friday he is continuing to mull an extension on those closures.

Governor Walz was planning to make an announcement today on the status of businesses impacted by the restrictions he put in place last month. But as case numbers continue to come in, he’s taking some extra time.

The governor’s current order, which temporarily closes gyms, entertainment venues, and indoor dining at bars and restaurants, is set to expire December 18. A decision on if those measures will continue past that date will come next week.

With the case numbers and positivity rates starting to go down resembling figures from a couple months ago. Walz says he wants more time to study the numbers before making a decision.

“The importance of trying to strike the proper balance around mitigation, whether it’s in our businesses or youth sports getting our kids back in schools that I keep talking about has been our has been our priority for quite some time,” said Governor Walz. “I think we’re going to need a little bit more time to get this right”

But COVID-19 numbers in the state are still high. Friday was the state’s second deadliest day with 94 deaths and another a 37 hundred cases.

“That lag period is all focused on hospitalizations, death, and the pressure on the systems. That’s the thing that many of us don’t see,” said Walz.

While state health officials are encouraged to see cases decline. They saw Minnesota isn’t out of the woods yet.

“We’re still, and it boggles my mind really, to think that 3,000 cases in a day feels like a good number to us. This is still an extremely high rate of virus in the communities,” said Jan Malcolm, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Health.

As cases slowly decline, Walz says coronavirus vaccinations should be going out to frontline workers just over a week from now.

The governor also hopes that a relief package will also be on the way next week. The package, says Walz, will help businesses impacted by the shutdowns, along with workers who need it.

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