Zeitgeist Cafe to Rent Out Their Kitchen Space

DULUTH, Minn.– One restaurant in Duluth is opening up their space to businesses that want to try bringing some of their cooking to the area.

Zeitgeist Arts Cafe in downtown Duluth is looking for some partners to use their commercial kitchen space while their cafe is closed during the pandemic.

It would be shared with other people renting out the kitchen and each renter would have their own time in the space to offer to-go meals and give their own restaurant a start.

“Unfortunately it’s not safe or financially viable for us to be open and running but it’s really nice to see that space being used and for folks to still be getting food in the same of the same ways that we were able to offer before,” said Sara Rolfson, who’s the Business Director for the Restaurant.

Those interested in using the space at Zeitgeist are encouraged to reach out to them via email at sara@zeitgeistarts.com for more information.

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