Some Residents Look On The Bright Side Of Things After Recent Snowfall

"We're happy to see the snow and enjoy it," said Richard Gurske, a resident of Hermantown.

DULUTH, Minn. – After several inches of snow fell overnight in the Northland,
a lot of people spent their day digging out.

“We’re happy to see the snow and enjoy it,” said Richard Gurske, a resident of Hermantown.

And the recent snowfall is spreading a little bit of cheer for the holidays.

“It’s a sign of a white Christmas you got to be happy,” said Gurske

Shoveling or plowing may not be the most ideal way some people want to be spending their time.

“I’m transylvanian. I moved here a while ago and I still don’t like the snow, but I have to shovel since I live here,” said Silviu Pop, another Hermantown resident.

Although not everyone is a fan of the snow, they are finding ways to cope with the conditions.

“You kind of learn to deal with it. Winters can be very long here,” said Pop. “You just look at it like well I shovel and move on to the next day.”

Others believe you just have to make the most of the snow because they know around here, things could definitely be worse.

“Have fun and enjoy it. It’s Duluth. At least, we can find our homes. We are not chasing them down the river, having earthquakes or fires,” said Gurske.

One thing many can agree on is that a white Christmas this year might be exactly what people need during these tough times.

“Snow is beautiful. It has its own magic and brings hope that the next day will be a lot brighter and happier,” said Pop.

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