Van Nett Nominated to be First Indigenous Woman City Council President

Van Nett will be in her final term in 2021.

DULUTH, Minn. – Duluth City Council Vice President Renee Van Nett is likely to become the first Indigenous woman city council president in 2021.

Van Nett will be in her final term in 2021.

She says she recognizes that her upcoming seat should represent inclusion for all, and if elected she’s looking forward to helping Duluth through the rest of her term.

“I’m concerned about the entirety and the holistic view of helping the community come through Covid. Guiding ourselves through covid and recovery. So I’m in the place about that and organizational structure,” Current Duluth City Council Vice President, Renee Van Nett says.

Councilor Arik Forsman has been nominated to serve as the new Duluth city council vice president.

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