Heavy Snow and Strong Winds Today and Tomorrow

The most significant snowstorm of the season will be passing through the Northland bringing heavy snowfall and strong winds today and tonight.    During the early morning hours today, we will likely have a wintry mix of rain, snow and freezing rain.  Winds will be calm and temperatures will be in the low 30s. Between 9 and 11 am the precipitation will transition away from a wintry mix and by 11 it will just be snow.  During the afternoon, snow can become heavy at times, reducing visibility. The snow will continue overnight before tapering off during the early morning hours tomorrow. Temperatures will also drop substantially this afternoon from the low 30s at noon, to around 10 degrees by 6 pm, then to below zero overnight.

Winds will also pick up as the storm moves closer this afternoon.  While it is relatively calm this morning, this afternoon winds will be 25-30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph from the North.  These strong, northerly winds will continue through the night and with the cold overnight temperatures, wind chills will likely be below -20 degrees during the morning hours tomorrow.  These wind conditions will also bring enhanced lake effect snow to the South Shore tonight and tomorrow, likely dropping more than a foot of snow.

A Winter Storm Warning has been issued, and if you are traveling, be sure to bring extra food, water, flashlights, and blankets in case of emergency.

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