Benedictine Health Center Gets First Shipment of Vaccine

"It's the big first step towards the final end of this pandemic," said Brian Pattock, the administrator for Benedictine Health Center.

DULUTH, Minn. – COVID-19 vaccinations have started at long-term care facilities in Minnesota, including here in the Northland.

Benedictine Health Center in Duluth received and distributed doses of the Moderna vaccine to its residents and staff.

BHC, like many other long-term care facilities, has been greatly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve had a couple of outbreaks within our community. It’s really our staff primarily. It wasn’t up until the recent history of greater community cases,” said Administrator Brian Pattock.

The facility was notified last week that doses of the Moderna vaccine would becoming.

Walgreens was in charge of distributing the anti-viral drug to residents and staff within the long-term care unit.

“It’s the big first step towards the final end of this pandemic. I couldn’t be more relieved for our staff that work here and our residents. Our residents deserve to be able to spend more time with their families and our staff deserves to spend more time with their families,” said Pattock.

The vaccine must be given in two doses.

All300 residents and staff in the skilled nursing facility will get their second shot of the vaccine on January 25th.

The Benedictine community houses long-term care, assisted and independent living.

A total of 71 residents and 91 employees have tested positive for the Coronavirus within the entire community throughout the pandemic.

Under CDC guidelines, the first rollout of the two experimental vaccines will be distributed to long-term care residents and staff until more doses become available for others.

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