KYN: McQuade’s Pub And Grill

"Before the shutdown, we were slamming busy," said Frank McQuade, the owner of McQuades Pub and Grill.

TWO HARBORS, Minn. – McQuade’s Pub and Grill is continuing to adjust to new normals while settling into its new digs.

This popular restaurant was once nestled in the heart of Two Harbors.

In November it relocated taking over the building of the former Carmody 61.

“We expanded our kitchen size a lot. That was a big thing for us, said Frank McQuade, the owner of the restaurant. “We expanded our seating.”

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the pub cannot make the most of its new location quite yet.

For now, they are only allowed to open for takeout.

“Takeout right now is what it is. We are just trying to get by like everyone else,” said McQuade.

The owner says he’s used to having to run his business like this, but things used to be a lot different.

“Before the shutdown, we were slamming busy,” said McQuade.

Since reverting back to take-out McQuade’s has had to let go some of its employees, but the owner says he tries to squeeze out hours for those still on his team.

“Everyone is on limited hours, which hurts everybody but we’re trying to keep everyone working as much as we can,” said McQuade. “The greatest thing would be everyone kept their hours full time or had everyone staffed, but we just can’t do that. right now.

Even through the challenges, the owner is still trying to stay true to what McQuade’s is best known for, which is the food.

“We have burgers, sandwiches, and things like that. We also have high-end entrees. We get fresh seafood in. we have scallops fresh fish, hand-cut steaks,” said McQuade. We get a bunch of fun cool things in and we specials with them too.”

McQuade’s is located off of highway 61 in Two Harbors…

It’s open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, but for takeout only.

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