LUKS Beauty Supply Opens, Offering Natural Black Hair Products in Twin Ports

DULUTH, Minn.– Two years ago, the hair care center Loc’d Up Kreations Studio was founded. On Saturday, a second location opened up to offer a new kind of store to the Twin Ports.

Loc’d Up Kreations Studio or LUKS along First Street in downtown Duluth opened LUKS Beauty Supply just two doors down.

The original location features braiding and dreadlock stylists along with a small beauty supply shop inside. As the business became more popular, owners Junior Gregory and Tammy Moll decided to open up the beauty supply store to give them some more room.

“Just to have a bigger spot and have people be able to walk around not like bump into each other is great. As soon as people walk in the first thing they say is, ‘Oh, I love the space,'” said Gregory.

A steady flow of customers came for LUKS’s first day open to stock up on natural Black hair products including track hair, crochet hair, wigs, and braiding hair, which is their top seller.

With stores like theirs not common in the Northland, Gregory and Moll are glad to offer more personalized products for people of color in the area.

“The grease that we use and the type of things that our hair really needs,” said Gregory.

As the new location opened up, store regulars like Jessica Tucker came in to see what all was inside.

“Lashes, braids if you need to do your daughter’s hear, lots of stuff,” said Tucker. “It’s nice to walk around and have room, especially from the first store they had it’s pretty nice to walk around.”

Normally, she would have to go to areas like the Twin Cities to get beauty supplies for her hair type. Now with the bigger store, tucker loves the variety, saying it’s inspirational to see a store like this here locally.

“Not many things for us colored girls to do around here or buy or you know so this is kind of nice to just come and find this and don’t have to go and travel anywhere because it’s in your local town.”

Even though conditions might not be the best for small businesses right now, the two are glad their shop isn’t just surviving but thriving. They add that they owe it all to the overflow of support from the local community.

“It’s pretty awesome, especially during a pandemic, where a lot of small businesses are actually closing for us to be able to grow has been a great blessing,” said Moll.

“I’m just loving everything about it. I’m enjoying the moment. I’m enjoying the experience just as much as they are,” said Gregory.