Renovations Coming To Historic Wilmarth Mansion

The total would cost of the proposed renovations and townhomes would be roughly $7.5 million. 

ASHLAND, Wisc. – The building is currently owned by impact-7, a non-profit in Ashland with the goal to provide affordable housing in Ashland.

“The Wilmarth mansion has gone through a number of uses over the years. There are people in town that grew up in it just like their home,” City of Ashland Planning and Development Director, Megan McBride says.

Owners have had the building on the market for several years with plans to also improve the eighteen multi-family unit apartments next door.

“Since they haven’t really had any traction with that, they are moving forward on how they can best utilize the building,” McBride says.

After renovations, the mansion had been used for events such as conferences and weddings. Now, different tenants are leasing office spaces

But there are bigger plans in the works for the property.

“In addition renovate the existing 18 residential units. Add six residential units in the mansion. Then they are proposing to do new construction for nine townhomes on the northern side of the lot to remove some of the existing parking,” McBride says.

The total would cost of the proposed renovations and townhomes would be roughly $7.5 million.

It’s expected to take place within the next few years.

“It is in our comprehensive plan to build additional residential density. We don’t currently have a townhome style in the downtown or near downtown. We’re really excited about what’s being proposed,” McBride says.

The owners of the mansion also plan to maintain all of the historic essence of the building while the renovations are taking place.

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