Video Goes Viral After Family Receives ‘Best Christmas Ever’

The Best Christmas Ever Movement Began in 2010

DULUTH, Minn. – For the past ten years, the Best Christmas Ever (BCE) movement has provided families who have fallen on tough times due to no fault of their own with a magical experience filled with joy and gratitude.

Recently, Tony Jr. and his six children, all under the age of ten, received notice that they were nominated to receive the Best Christmas Ever.

The single father is currently serving our nation in the military.

BCE co-captains BJ Lingren along with Dave and June Guckenberg were honored to surprise Tony Jr. and his family with the news.

Aside from toys for the children, the family also received hundreds of dollars in gift cards to help make a difference in the months ahead.

Since then, the nearly 30-minute long video has gone viral on social media across the globe.

In 2020, 145 families were selected to receive the Best Christmas Ever.

Founder Don Liimatainen says this past season was one of the biggest they’ve ever had amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“This season was one of the biggest we’ve had in terms of volunteers, donations, and nominations,” said Liimatainen.

Liimatainen says people came out of the woodwork to support their neighbors during such a difficult time.

During the ‘off-season,’ the BCE movement works with the families that have been selected to help create a generational life change.

Each family is offered a financial program to help better themselves in the future, along with another program geared toward total health and wellness.

If you would like to learn more about the BCE movement, click here.



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