Experts Warn Of Changes In Child Behavior As They Prepare To Head Back To School

DULUTH, Minn. – As COVID-19 restrictions are starting to loosen, many students in the Northland will soon be heading back-to-school.

Unfortunately, changing from remote learning to in-person instruction means some kids may show bad behavior.

Mental health experts say to help prevent this kids need to get back into a routine to prepare them for school.

This includes getting them back on a sleeping schedule as many kids have been going to bed later during the pandemic.

Experts also say it may take some time for kids to adjust to the changes.

“There will be a little opposition. Kids won’t want to get into the routine,” said Sigurd Haller, a psychotherapist at Essential Health-Amberwing. “Be in this with them. I think before the pandemic the families were on a schedule and things were working. Just reiterate this was hopefully a once in a lifetime pandemic, we are in this together, and we are going to get back into a routine.”

Mental health professionals say parents should also talk to their kids about COVID-19 precautions including how to keep social distance and wearing masks while in school.

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