UMD Men’s Basketball Team Talk Impressive Season Opener Despite Sunday’s Cancellation

The Bulldogs will not be in action this weekend as their series against Minot State was cancelled.

DULUTH, Minn. – This week, the majority of the UMD men’s basketball team will be in quarantine after being exposed to players from Winona State during their season opener this past weekend against the Warriors. The Bulldogs spoke Wednesday to get a sense of what it was like leading up to Sunday’s cancellation.

“We just got done with shoot-around and we’re getting ready to go back and take a pregame nap and then get ready for the game. Then Coach texted us that it got cancelled and we had a Zoom in 20 minutes to talk about it. And we were all bummed and upset,” said freshman Austin Andrews.

“I think we’ve tried to prepare our guys for that, just kind of roll with the punches day by day. We’ve talked a lot about taking things day by day, but I guess we need to talk about taking things hour by hour I guess. It definitely stung a little bit not to play, but it is what it is and we’ll continue to move forward,” head coach Justin Wieck said.

But it wasn’t a totally wasted weekend as the Bulldogs won their season opener Saturday behind a great performance from several underclassmen.

“We all had no idea what to expect going into the game. And to go out and do what we did was awesome. But it shows that we’ve been putting in the work and we can just build on top of that,” Andrews said.

“I definitely know that we’ve got the right guys in our program. It’s always been that question of how fast can we put it together. And I think maybe we were even surprised a little bit. I think I told Austin after he came off the floor ‘dang you’re actually even a little bit better than I thought’. Kind of shared a little laugh there. We got tons of confidence in our guys,” said Wieck.

The Bulldogs will not be in action this weekend as their series against Minot State was cancelled. If all goes well, they’ll be back in action next week against U-Mary.

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